This is the website of Wim vanOmmen, I'm a musician and an IT guy.

I play in a band called UKE22, we cover U2 songs in our very own way.
I also enjoy entering the Season of the Ukulele on the Ukulele Underground Forum. This is a "Competition" where the host comes up with a theme.
The "Contestants" enter a song that fits that theme. While being part of this I discovered a bunch of song I love to play.

These song do not fit in the UKE22 concept, but I do like to play them.
I used some of these songs for a Solo performance I did at an open stage where we also played with UKE22.
I've recorded some of these songs, just for the fun of it.
This resulted in four Records, The Songs of Dan H on Ukulele, Koffers (with very special guest Remco Takken), Koffers 2 and Koffers 3.
My latest release is a Record with 7 dutch original songs called Orisjineel.

For some other records/singles I recorded click media. Or click below for the most recent one.